July 17, 2024

Enterprise POS

POS systems enable large companies to process payments and keep track of their sales and purchases. Enterprise point-of-sale software is easy to install and use. Expanding to multiple locations requires a POS system that is capable of processing high volume of payments and delivering optimum performance across channels and outlets. No matter where your customers are located, your enterprise POS should be able to provide a secure, and compliant omni channel retail experience.

Point of Sale System

With a Multi-store POS system, setting up a new outlet or pop-up store takes only minutes. To assess your business performance, you can drill down and generate a consolidated report. You can access these real-time reports from multiple locations. Access permissions and roster setup are easy. Admins have access to information.

POS Solution

Businesses requires a POS system that manages all the data related to a business. It must have:

  • The ability to work offline
  • Payment solutions via mobile devices
  • Receipts in digital format
  • The centralization of customer management
  • Payments using EMV

Using technology, Innoviti Technologies offers purchase tools that help small and large businesses India over.


Creating a single customer profile allows for ease of use, centralized loyalty rewards, no duplication, and effective customer analytics. Innoviti helps retailers grow their business and improve customer experiences and is trusted by market giants like Reliance Digital, Croma, etc. Innoviti provides purchase tools that can be adapted to the requirements and demands of consumers without compromising on quality and service assurance.


  1. What is an Enterprise POS?

Enterprise point-of-sale (POS) systems are sophisticated business tools that large businesses use to handle transactions and keep track of purchases and sales.

  1. Which is the best POS for retail?

Innoviti Technologies is designed for large pan-Indian retailers who process thousands of transactions per day.

It is the only SOC3 certified product that has been validated for its superior claims regarding transaction integrity, speed, reliability, and security. This is because it is India’s only SOC3 certified product.

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