May 24, 2024

Whether it’s a pandemic, a war, or just the start of a new profession or life, the globe is constantly in flux, and many individuals are in desperate need of green cards.

More individuals than ever before are scrambling to secure their legal status in the United States in the face of current political unrest. If you make any errors in your immigration procedure, this might entail lengthy lines and more time spent completing your application.

How soon can I get my permanent residency? is among the first things customers ask their Family-Based Immigration Lawyer.

To Get A Green Card, And What Were The Fastest Methods To Do So?

  • Getting Married

Yes, of course. The Board’s Most Popular Answer. It’s a breeze. Providing it is authentic. In addition, the citizen seeking for the green card of the immigrant spouse has financial duties to the government. Plus a number of more circumstances.

In most cases, a green card may be expected in the next year or so. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to file your own paperwork. The law, as well as the case law interpreting it, is always evolving. Consult an experienced immigration attorney for assistance.

  • To Seek Refuge In Another Country

Asylum status was granted around 15 percent of the time when we began practising immigration rules in the mid-90s. Today, the percentage is anywhere near 50% or more, depending on the conditions. Persecution on the basis of race, religion, nation, political opinion, or participation in a social group must be a well-founded fear, and you must demonstrate this fear.

Unless you have a compelling cause, you should file just a year after being in the United States. For those who have escaped a hazardous nation because they were frightened of harsh abuse, they may be eligible for the green card. Before pursuing this route to citizenship, speak with an immigration lawyer with extensive expertise in political asylum cases. And be wary of anybody who try to get you to apply for asylum since this region has been used by a number of dishonest people.

  • Lottery For Diversity Visas

The visa lottery allows 50,000 applicants from specific countries to get a green card. Many persons on the list have at least a degree graduation or have experience in a skilled occupation and come from all around the globe. The process of applying for a green card via the lottery is simple enough, but many savvy immigrants use the services of top immigration attorneys to increase their chances of success. There are visa lottery frauds, so be on the lookout for them.


What does it mean to have a preferred category when applying for an immigrant visa? Immigration regulations assign “immigrant visa numbers” based on a specified preference category. Their visa number primarily determines a person’s place in line for just a green card. There are two types of preferences:

Based on the support of family members, a job search

  1. Family-Sponsored Priority Categories

Immigrant visa numbers are instantly available to spouses, children under 21, and grandparents of adult citizens. They have the quickest road to something like a residency visa of all family members, with median wait durations of between a year and two.

This webpage, which is continually updated, has preference categories that may be seen. China, India, Mexico, and the Philippines have their preferences. Priority categories for family-sponsored visas are listed in the visa bulletin as:

Preferences Developed Under The Direct Instruction Of Family

More than 23,000 unmarried daughters and sons of New Yorkers qualify for fourth preference.

114,200, multiplied by the number (if there is any) by which the global family preference level surpasses 226,000, plus other unused first choice numbers: 114,200, plus any new family preference numbers: 114,200

Any additional numbers not needed by the first and second preferences: 23,400 married daughters and sons of U.S. citizens

Sixty-five thousand, plus any other numbers not specified in the first three selections.

  1. Employment-Sponsored Preferences

All of the global employment-based choices and any numbers are not necessary for the 4th and 5th preferences.

Advanced-degree-holding professionals and those with advanced degrees in the sciences

7.1 percent of the world’s population is made up of special immigrants.

No fewer than 3,000 of these are designated for investment in rural and remote locations, and 3,000 are earmarked for entrepreneurs in regional hubs.

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