April 23, 2024

A high-quality pith deck design does not guarantee investment, but a poor presentation will not help promote a startup. Let’s find out why a pitch deck is essential when announcing a new project and how to choose a professional design service that knows how to make your slides interesting for an investor.

The Power of a Well-Designed Pitch Deck

Investors constantly look at dozens of different projects – various topics, budgets, and ideas. Of course, the goal of every startup creator is not to get lost among others. One of the tools is a unique and modern pitch deck – the visual component of your performance and project, a set of slides reflecting the main business idea and purpose.

Remember, the investor will not agree to meet again if you carelessly draft phrases on the slide and don’t pay attention to the content or design. If you create an informative and easy-to-understand startup – you are cool and exciting in everything that concerns your business, including a pitch deck design.

Common Mistakes in Pitch Deck Design

Almost every startup owner has made at least one of these three mistakes. Check if there are any such errors in your pitch deck design:

  • Information overdose: many entrepreneurs try to include much information about their industry, work processes, issues they will solve, etc. Unfortunately, this does not produce the desired effect.
  • Long descriptions of complex processes: it may be crucial for you to explain how you set up a process but remember the main thing – transparency, understandability, and simplicity of language.
  • One presentation for all: different situations will require different presentations. In a presentation to a client, you are selling a product, offering some value. For an investor, the product is less critical.

Benefits of Using a Professional Pitch Deck Design Service

If you need to make a high-quality visual presentation, work with content, and not worry about deadlines, contacting a pitch deck design service like Waveup, which specializes in presentations, is a good idea.

  • Expert and creative team, where everyone is responsible for their part.
  • Fast time to value, so you’ll get quality work on time.
  • Significant experience in making effective pitch decks.
  • Competitive pricing.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pitch Deck Design Service

Of course, you can find a team that professionally develops business presentations with a competent structure and effective visualization. What to look for?

There are different ways to find a professional pitch deck design service. Some use the recommendations of friends and relatives. It is best to evaluate the quality of the work with your own eyes since everyone has a different idea of a perfect presentation.

The most common selection criteria are also portfolio and price of services.

As for the price aspect, the cost of services in companies can vary significantly. Do not rush to sign the contract immediately after finding a tempting offer. First, find out what is included in the services and in what form the finished project will be presented.

The Process of Working with a Pitch Deck Design Service

Before contacting a pitch deck design service, you have to know precisely what you need from the publisher to complete your presentation and make it successful. All work is built in 4 main stages:

  1. Discussion of the task is a critical stage that significantly impacts the entire project’s success.
  2. Development of design options: the company will design the presentation’s first 2-3 slides in different styles and offer you to choose the best option.
  3. Designing all presentation slides, considering your comments on the style and the original terms of reference.
  4. Making final edits and submitting the project: the company saves the presentation in different formats and finalizes the layout according to your wishes.

If you are preparing a complex and vital project, the presentation may affect a large amount of money, the company’s reputation, or the outcome of negotiations. Contact a professional pitch deck design company with significant material preparation experience.

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